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Welcome on Illisible

During our launching phase, we discovered that someone published a video that we were about to release publicly. It was on a english speaking forum. Some comments have been posted, and it looks like there is an interest on the other side of the ocean for our activities.

We decided to add some content in english to help non-french speaking potential agents. Keep posted, some new articles will be available soon in English to ensure more people can be involved in Illisible.

What is a mission?

Although each mission is unique, they share common characteristics :

  • A mission is not a game
  • A mission starts as early as Saturday at 9:00 AM and finishes as late as Sunday at 9:00 PM, and requires one to move physically.
  • The content of the mission is not revealed before its actual commencement
  • The missions are not dangerous or degrading in any way whatsoever.
  • Agents that are committed to a mission must do everything in their power to carry it out.

How to participate to a mission?

Due to the large number of people willing to carry out a mission, agents are selected in several ways :

  1. On the basis of personality tests, interest and cognitive abilities
  2. Using assessments, like per example solving logical games or behavior tests. Some of these exercises are given to agents without them to be aware that it is an exercise.
  3. After registration and validation of the identity of the agent.

News Search " Alternate reality game " to better understand what we offer. We are Illisible, an alternate reality travel agency.

Who can apply?

Everyone can participate. The missions do not require special skills, nor are they intended for a particular audience. However, this is not a game.



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